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I’ve been meaning to comment on this for weeks but have only just found the time between getting Three Fat Singletons out there and writing the sequel. There are so many arguments for and against this, and my opinion isn’t any more important than others, but as it’s my blog and I’ve written a story […]

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Three Fat Singletons is finally out! The problems with the publishing software for the cover were worth persevering with as I’m delighted with the end result and really couldn’t be happier! It looks and feels fantastic and is exactly as I wanted it to be. At some point I will figure out how to organise […]

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Agent Interest!

Nicole and I at York! I had such an interesting time at York Writing Festival that I thought I’d share!I travelled with Caitlin Foley – a fantastic writer who is simultaneously working on several projects -I have no idea how she does it!   As well as many seminars the real lure for writers is […]

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What a load of tosh!

I’ve just received a diabolical email and wanted to share it with you, not to get you weepy and fed up but to stand against this hateful crap. This is what was sent to me…Nobody wants to be fat and ugly.     We do not mean a dozen of extra kilograms that turn a […]

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