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I’ve been meaning to comment on this for weeks but have only just found the time between getting Three Fat Singletons out there and writing the sequel.

There are so many arguments for and against this, and my opinion isn’t any more important than others, but as it’s my blog and I’ve written a story about three fat ladies then I think my opinion is just as valid and I’m going to voice it!

If there was a pill out there that I could pop and wake up with the kind of figure portrayed in the Barbie on the right, I’d take it in a heartbeat.  The reality is I probably look more like the Barbie on the left although I wouldn’t be seen dead in the outfit she’s wearing, but that’s down to individual choice and if we all looked the same how boring would life be?

Having said all this, the figure on the left, in my opinion, is not one we should aspire to.

Personally I loathe being overweight, but I have my own reasons for that and I know there are millions of obese people who genuinely love themselves and wouldn’t change a thing about how they look.  However, being obese is unhealthy.  

There is no getting away from this fact.  

My daughter plays with Barbie and I wouldn’t mind her doll being a little more realistic, instead of the equivalent of a supermodel, maybe a couple of millimeters extra all round, especially the waist, would be a good thing.  But I’m talking the equivalent of a size 12, not a size 24 or 26…purely as it’s unhealthy and I don’t want my child thinking it’s something to aspire to.  

I do think the doll on the left is exceptionally unfair as even morbidly obese people, such as I was just a few years ago, do not have massive double chins when stood looking straight ahead…it’s very ugly on this doll and not realistic!  Yes double chins can appear when sitting and reading or looking down, but straight on is very rare in my experience.  Even so, this arguing over the peas and carrots rather than the steak!  

Should our children have dolls that are morbidly obese – no.  In the same way that Barbie shouldn’t have a cigarette in her hand – it’s unhealthy.

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