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I wasnt sure what to expect from this book, but I have to say I loved it. So much so I need to go and buy it in paperback so it can sit on my bookshelf and be re read all over again.
Three Fat Singletons is about best friends Jesse, Mary and Dotty. All in their 30s, all overweight and all unlucky in love. Each one have very different personalites, Dotty is a church goer and still a virgin, hoping to find Mr Right and settle down. Mary loves men but always seems to go for the married ones and Jesse is a divorcee, still coming to turns with being on her own.
They all decide its time for a holiday and set off on an adventure to Sunny Greece. At an adults only resort, all three find fun, frolics and laughter. J.M. Bartholomew put this story together brilliantly and I could see the empathy shining through. Being on the large size myself, I could totally relate to the things they were saying from the sizes of chairs, to seat belt extentions. I fell in love with these three and laughed out loud in so many parts. Aswell as feeling sorry at times for some situations they put themselfs in. I think they just all wanted to be loved in their own way. It was so easy to feel I was there in Greece, at the bar, on the beach, sampling delighful foods, lying around the pool and knowing that a bar of cadburys chocolate cured everything. I hope this isnt the last we see of Jesse, Mary and Dotty as Im sure they have so much more to offer, besides I think they need another holiday.

I downloaded and read this book in 3 days . I actually laughed out loud. The Greek holiday is spectacular . The scene of dancing with Stravros and puking up over him had me screaming with laughter. This is the real woman’s Bridget Jones , not a fay urban fairy tale but a stark but hugely funny tale of 3 flawed women trying to live life. Anyone who has occasionally had a little too much to drink , been unhappy with their bodies and wanting to find ” the one. ” will get this fab book !

I loved the story and the characters. There were so many hilarious moments, I can’t say which one was my favourite because they all made me laugh out loud. It would be great to see the characters brought to life on screen, be it a movie or a mini series, it would definitely be one to watch! Can’t wait for the next instalment.

This book had me laugh out loud – which doesn’t happen enough. I found myself picturing the situations with ease and wishing that I could have some friends like these. I could not put the book down.

Couldn’t put this book down. An astute view of the lives of three larger than life friends who are looking for love. It’s honesty reveals the painful side of being overweight and single, but their hilarious antics will have you crying with laughter as you read their stories of love, past relationships and hope for the future.
A fabulous read. Anyone who have ever been overweight, single, or hopeful for love will relate to this book and those who haven’t will love to read about their humorous lives.

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