This has nothing to do with Three Fat Singletons but HAD to write this.
I’ve been searching the internet today to find some anti-fat-shaming images for a social media post I was going to send out and I’m beyond shocked at what I’ve found.  Pages upon pages of not just fat-shaming photos (says something about our society that there is such a word) but absolutely disgraceful attitudes and sickening jibes.  Reading some of the hateful comments made me query if I’d accidentally put ‘paedophile and proud’ into the search engine.
I’ve seen some terribly bigoted things over the years but I am reeling with shock over the pages and pages of images that have come up today in Google images.  Actually, now I’ve re-read that sentence, I’m not so much reeling with shock any longer but steaming with anger!  I am enraged not because  I’m a fattie, which I am, but  because I’m a human being and I just don’t understand how other human  beings can be so openly horrific to one another.
I was hoping to have some images to share but  frankly the images I’ve found are either denigrating anyone who is above an average weight or, those who are above the ‘normal’ weight range, being overtly aggressive to those who ‘can’t handle them’.  A lot of the images are comparison photos, some  even photo-shopped of the same person, to show an obese person how they’d look skinny.  Horrifyingly there are also more than a few that are of children – children for heaven’s sake being fat shamed and abused online by strangers!!!
I want to hire researchers to find every individual person who has commented or created a cruel image to ask them where their hatred came from, in the hope that a cure can be found for the next generation.   I imagine more than a few of the online abusers are raising their own children.
 There is even a ‘fat shaming week’  on twitter…can you believe that?  An entire week dedicated to humiliating and debasing those who are not considered beautiful in the eyes of society purely because of their weight.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I truly do not like being fat.  It is a real problem for me, one I’ve wrestled with since I was 13, but I am not a bad person, in fact I’m really bloody lovely when I’m not having a rant! 
We are each made up of far more than the size of our arse be it huge, bony or perfectly pert.
I realise I’m a tiny voice in a vast universe but wouldn’t the world be a better place if we could wipe all blackness from hearts and just give each other a break?

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