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Final Edit – Kindle Here I Come!


I have finally finished editing Three Fat Singletons – hooray!  

Wow, it was hard work; much harder than I’d anticipated.

I had a great tip though from Deborah at Retreats for You to read out loud and edit as you go, and it has made the job far easier…although I’ve had to ensure I’m in private as it’s certainly not for my eight year old daughter’s ears!

Although I’m confident the book is completely finished I’m giving it one final proof with a fresh pair of eyes for grammatical errors as I’m going to publish to Kindle so won’t have a separate editor go through it before it’s officially ‘out there’.

I have decided to go for Three Fat Singletons as a title as it really does what it says on the tin, and I just hope that people will read the information on the back of the book before discounting it purely due to the title!

I will enable this website to sell the book, but until I manage that learning curve it will be available only via Amazon.  

Here’s to my next blog which I’m hoping will be titled…Available to Buy 🙂

3d book display image of Three Fat Singletons

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