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Thought we were almost there….


I can’t tell you the feeling when I opened an Amazon box at the weekend to find my novel inside it…my spine literally tingled!

It was a great feeling to hold my novel after the years it’s taken me to write it, but it was also annoying to realise I’d chosen the wrong size for it and internal page colour.  

I didn’t think for a second this would be a problem so went online to tweak it ready for publication to be told that actually if I want to make the book shorter in height then I’ll need to do the entire publishing process again, from scratch…and I mean from scratch!  Even down to having to buy a new ISBN number for it.  

As I write this I am still in talks with the printers as this will be a real blow having come so close to having the book released.

I’m hanging in there and praying that by some miracle my novel Three Fat Singletons will be available my mid-September 2013.

3d book display image of Three Fat Singletons

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