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Almost a year ago I met the vivacious JM Bartholomew at The Writer’s Workshop “Getting Published Day”.  Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to follow the rise of her new book Three Fat Singletons, which has just been released on Amazon here. (Available both in paperback and kindle edition).
I’m really excited to share JM’s journey with you in the following interview:

What is the main premise of Three Fat Singletons?
Three Fat Singletons is a story of friendship, love, loss and hope.  We journey with Jesse, Dotty and Mary through the often hilarious, sometimes painful, obstacle that being overweight can bring to the pursuit of love after thirty.
Where did your writing journey begin?
Twelve years ago I switched from writing a murder mystery to Three Fat Singletons after a visit to the Barnes Murder Squad put me off continuing with my first novel.  I remember being sat on a balcony in Greece with my friend Maria, glass of wine in hand, saying how I was no longer able to be a writer, and she simply said ‘write a comedy then’.  And that’s what I did – kind of!
Which character are you especially fond of and why?
I’m especially fond of all three main characters to be honest but Jesse I enjoy as she speaks her mind and Dotty for her complexity.
What or who inspired you in writing Three Fat Singletons?
My own journey and experience as a thirty something looking for love in a body that wasn’t how I wanted it to be.  I spent many months accompanying various friends around London’s Big Ladies clubs and they were such a shock to me that I had to write about them!
What made you decide to self-publish versus go the traditional publishing route?  What advice do you have for other authors who wish to self-publish?
I am still hopeful to one day go down the traditional publishing route, but I wanted to self publish as I’ve already been told by an agent that I need to change my name and the title of the book, so self publishing gives me an opportunity to get the book out there under my own name and the title I originally chose for the book.  The most important piece of advice is proof your work several times over when you’ve loaded it to the site you have chosen and get a hard copy proof.  The amount of mistakes I spotted on the hard copy proof that I never saw on my computer copy I can’t begin to tell you!  Also, take time with the cover…the cover is what has held up my book being released by over two weeks now!
What are your writing habits?  What or who tends to keep you going on a project?
I have terrible writing habits as I have a full-time business an eight year old daughter and a house to run!  I had to go to a retreat to finish my book, which I highly recommend as I had it finished on day two and I thought it would take at least four days to finish.  When I start writing I’m very productive, but finding the time is my downfall.  I do enjoy going to a hotel local to us and sitting in the busy reception area to write; the constant noise and bustling atmosphere seems to help me focus.
What other projects do you have in mind?
I have already started Three Skinny-ish Marrieds and am a good way through a romantic thriller which I am yet to have a title for.  I think it will depend on the response to Three Fat Singletons as to which one I focus on next!
What advice would you give to aspiring authors or those who are thinking about writing a book, but haven’t yet harnessed the courage to start?
Just do it!  Don’t worry about what your friends or family may think.  Write what you are passionate about.  Go to a couple of writing events if you reach a plateau but keep writing.  My biggest mistake was editing as I went along.  I won’t be doing that going forward, the trick is to write and get the entire story on paper and then edit, edit, edit.  Google Ernest Hemingway quotes if you get disheartened!
You run your own business, are a mother and a wife, and volunteer a lot in your community.  How do you do it all and still manage to have a smile on your face and keep going?
I go through seasons.  The season I’m in at the moment is running my business and trying to be around for my daughter.  In January the balance is likely to shift to spending more time with my family, volunteering and being able to focus on writing.  March will see a change again where my business will become my main focus.  I have a smile on my face as I have a wonderful husband and daughter and a strong faith.  I recognise I am blessed to be healthy and have a roof over my head when so many others don’t.
From reading the first three chapters of your book, I feel that Three Fat Singletons has an essential perspective of women and dating that isn’t currently represented in women’s fiction, or literary fiction at the moment.  Would you agree or disagree and why?
I would agree and I think, at the moment, there is nothing out there that deals with this topic in quite the way I have.  All of the situations that are specifically to do with being overweight I have personally experienced so don’t feel I need to be careful about offending anybody and am able to find the humour in even the most dire situations.  Where humour is not shown then compassion is evident.  This is not a fat shaming book and neither is it a self help book or a pro-fat book; it’s a glimpse through the eyes of three very real characters who are on their journey to find love in all the wrong places. 
(As a final note, if you ever have a chance to go to a book-signing with JM Bartholomew, it is well-worth it.  In addition to writing a terrific book with a wonderful premise, she is incredibly warm and inspirational.  I can’t wait to finish reading Three Fat Singletons!)  ​

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