The End…

Is just the beginning of my journey to getting Three Fat Singletons published.

Were it not for a three day break at Retreats For You in Sheepwash, Devon, I may never have seen those two little words on the bottom of my manuscript!

Deborah and Bob Dooley looked after me from the moment I arrived by providing many different environments to write in, a constant supply of pots of tea, delectable home-made meals, blazing coal fires, sticky toffee pudding and an opportunity to read to an audience.  I was delighted to have finished my book by the second day, which left me with a full day to edit (80,000 words for the fifth time)!  

Technology is amazing but can be such a distraction so not being able to receive any signal other than from the bus stop in the middle of the square was a blessing in disguise.  Unfortunately I didn’t realise this until I’d taken a lot of photos for my daughter so I had to borrow a coat from Deborah and sit at the bus stop in the wind and rain to send them; then we switched to Wi-Fi on the Mac and all was well with the world.

I’ve discovered that a glass of red in the hand by 4.30pm actually helps with the writing process and after dinner, laying on one of the soft sofas with the blazing fire turning my cheeks pink (or was it the wine) writing until 11.30pm was good for the soul…as was being able to Facetime my daughter before her bedtime.

The return train journey was strange as I found myself on a table with two published authors, what are the chances of that happening?

I am already coordinating diaries with my husband, author of an outstanding children’s book, to see when we can go again so I can make a large dent in the sequel to Three Fat Singletons…Three Skinny Marrieds!