This is a picture of me at my heaviest in January 2005.  I received this picture a few months after it was taken in the post and I was horrified.  I knew my weight was out of control, but it had been most of my adult life, but this photo shocked me out of denial and I realised I needed to draw a line in the sand and stop killing myself.  Although months away I set the date to start a diet as 4th July…this was to be my Independence Day.

I consumed only chocolate flavoured liquid for five months, not one morsel of food entered my mouth and actually it was relatively easy – completely ruined my social life, but there are always casualties when you go to battle.

Unfortunately my mum suffered a health set back the following January and she received very poor care so I spent every day running my business then visiting mum and looking after my baby who was just starting to walk…the diet went out of the window, I had dinner out of hospital vending machines and so the battle to lose the last 18 pounds was lost.

I would love to say that I regained control, won the battle and have been standing in victory for the past 8 years, alas, that is not the case.  But…I did lose 8 stones and keep it off and a week doesn’t pass where I don’t try to ‘get back on track’ to lose those last pesky pounds.

By the time I finish my second book ‘Three Skinny-ish Marrieds’ I’m hoping to be a Skinny and not an Ish myself!

Happy Independence Day!