46 years old
Mother of one exceptionally gorgeous daughter

I don’t know exactly how old I was but I remember being in primary school and my teacher saying in front of the whole class ‘Goodness you are as heavy as I am’ when she decided for some reason known only to her, to weigh all the pupils.  This was the beginning of my realisation that I wasn’t in the body that society deemed normal.  It didn’t take too many more years for me to fall well and truly into the category of obese and then morbidly obese.  Thankfully I kept a sense of humour throughout and often some of the most horrific things that happen can, in hindsight, if told well, can be hilarious!

​Before losing nine stones in weight I personally explored the fat-underworld in London and all of the places mentioned in the book are in existence, although for legal reasons one or two of the places have had their names changed.

I consider myself an expert in the issues fat singletons (and marrieds) face!

At my heaviest!


These two photos taken in 2005, when I was one pound off 21 stones, shocked me into taking action.

To this day I still battle with my weight and am verging on the edge of being morbidly obese again!

Maybe one day I will write a fantasy about a magic pill that you take and when you wake up you are a perfect size 8…it’s probably likely to be called ‘So this is heaven then’.